Monoclinic Zirconia

Zirconia is used extensively for a variety of applications, and is an especially useful material at high temperatures. In its monoclinic phase it can be used as an additive, significantly enhancing the properties of refractory materials.

Our nanostructured monoclinic zirconia powder provides superior characteristics, including:
  • Improved stiffness
  • Enhanced flexural strength
  • Superior fatigue resistance
Enriching materials with monoclinic zirconia ensures optimum performance and resilience for physically demanding applications.

Our monoclinic zirconia powder properties

Our monoclinic zirconia powder is synthesised using our proprietary EDS technology, ensuring the highest quality and consistency, whilst offering:

    • Ultrafine Nanostructure
    • High Specific-Surface Area
    • Exceptional Sinterability

    Industries and applications

    The enhanced properties of our nanostructured monoclinic zirconia powder mean that it is ideal for a range of applications across an array of industries. Its resilience, strength and resistance to high temperatures mean that it is perfect for use in refractories.

    Some particular application examples include:

    • Component in Refractory Materials
    • Molten Metal Filters
    • Additive to Mixed Oxide Systems

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