4 mol % Yttria-stabilised Zirconia (4YSZ)

Innovnano manufactures 4 mol % yttria stabilised zirconia in the following powder forms:

  • 60 µm (D50) spray-dried free flowing granules either with or without polymeric additives
  • 500 nm (D50) powder dispersed in ethanol or as an aqueous suspension 

These nanostructured powders are designed for the production of thermal barrier coatings (TBCs) via conventional air plasma spraying (APS) and the rapidly emerging suspension plasma spraying (SPS).

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4YSZ in suspension

Our 4YSZ powder exhibits excellent dispersion properties, particularly in the ethanol suspension, where no dispersants or other additives are required - resulting in simpler chemistry.

Extensive independent testing of the 25% (weight) 4YSZ in suspension demonstrates its suitability for SPS applications. TBCs that exhibit a good morphology with strain relief structure show significantly lower thermal conductivity properties and good erosion and thermal cycling resistance.   

Spray-dried 4YSZ granules

APS applications are well established and typically use larger 4YSZ granules to entrain into the plasma stream of conventional spray gun torches.

We can spray dry our 4YSZ powder to produce spherical micro-granules for easy handling and compatibility with your existing technology or manufacturing equipment. What differentiates us is the lower thermal conductivity TBCs that our powders have been shown to produce.

Industries and applications

Our 4YSZ for TBCs is ideal for improving the performance and life-time of turbine blades in the following advanced sectors:

  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Energy

Offering exceptional resistance to physical and chemical wear, our nanostructured 4YSZ powder produces coatings tolerant of the most extreme environments, providing a vital protective and insulating layer over alloy components. This helps to improve the performance of your turbine, while reducing the need for service intervention and its associated cost. The low conductivity of our 4YSZ also supports improved fuel combustion efficiency, allowing turbine engines in aircraft (for example) to operate at higher temperatures, helping reduce cost and the carbon footprint.

If you have an application in mind, or would like to enquire about a product that is not listed, please get in touch.